Monday, September 20, 2010

This ''tale'' has been so often on my mind the I need to share it. I even wrote about in a journal which Mum, Joy and I used to write in Fethard.

Circuses.....How do you view them? Well, a circus came to Fethard in July 07. Joy's last Summer, a glorious summer, one that never once whispered of death or loss. Joy, my aunt and best-friend humoured me and we went to the circus together. It was held in a field outside the village and Joy, though so ill was so very happy. we laughed at the clowns and wondered at the girls standing on the prancing and cantering horses. Then (controversially, I suppose) came two female Asian Elephants. They did their tricks and I was in 7th heaven to feel the swish of air as they passed. During the interval the Ring Master asked (gesturing at the young children!) if anyone would like to sit on one of the female elephants and have their picture taken. Oh, it is to my shame that I do believe I actually knocked little children great was my desire to be in such close contact with Maiai the elephant. Now, leave it there for the real dream is yet to come....................The day after the Circus Mum, Joy and I passed the field outside the village where the caravans and animals were ''resting'', I literally ran from the car and, finding the 2 elephants grazing in the field, I slipped under the flimsy bailing string and called to the two ''girls''. Something told me I was safe, I can't explain it. There is no explanation. What followed is something I never expected, nor will ever forget. In a field in tiny Fethard-on-Sea, I stood while two beautiful elephants came to me and caressed me with their trunks. I stayed there for at least 5 minutes stroking these immense, beautiful creatures who seemed to be gathering me into a glorious embrace. It was the year of the seal, the year of the elephants and the year of losing Joy. Ah, but what a year. God gives the most unexpected gifts when we least expect them. If I feel sad or weary or just 'fed-up' I can now conjure up the memory of being embraced by two of God's most amazing creatures.

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