Saturday, October 16, 2010


The other day we disturbed a Tortoishell butterfly which had just gone into hibernation in some curtains.   We have them all over the house during winter and we usually know where they are and have no need to disturb them.  About two years ago one of these beautiful creatures had taken up residence in my en-suite.  I came and went, bathing etc without causing so much as a flicker of her prayer-like wings.  One cold, cold day I put the heater on for a good hour before having a bath.  When I came into the bathroom to light my candles and soak in the warm water I noticed that my butterfly was awke and fluttering about.....the heat of the room had confused her sleep.  I wash my hair when I bathe so the bubbles come at the end of the bath,  I was sitting, singing to myself and scooped up a handful of water to splash over my shoulder when the beautiful, delicate creature fluttered down onto my hand.  I sat quiet as a statue and just gazed, enraptured as she moved on to the edge of my little finger and began to drink from the small well of water in my hand.....putting out her long proboscus and curling it back up time after time.  The water grew cold but I didn't care because what was happening was so beautiful, so extraordinary I didn't want it to end.  After a time she flew off my hand but landed again on my shoulder and 'licked' the water from my was so gentle I could barely feel it.  Every time I see a Tortoishell butterfly I think back to the beautiful moments when one drank from my hand.  I doubt this will ever happen again........but I was blessed.  The smallest wonder can make any day special and you would be surprised how sudenly you cna be ''surprised by joy''

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